Life often feels overwhelming, especially in these uncertain times. One thing I began thinking about over the last few years is – what am I really trying to do here on this earth?

And then I watched some friends and family members go through some very sudden and life altering changes and realized that as it stood that day I was

  • in no way shape, form, or fashion prepared to become the primary breadwinner if something tragic happened
  • if something occurred in my relationship my son and I would be in a world of hurt
  • this level of uncertainty and lack of preparedness was causing me severe anxiety, depression, and general health issues

I needed to formulate a plan to get my financial situation figured out AND I need to create a few streams of income in case something like the pandemic happens again…because honestly it’s not if but when…

I started coming up with ideas that I knew I could implement. This got overwhelming very quickly so I created a system to narrow down my options – The Roadmap to Choose (click here to check it out.) This really helped me narrow my ideas down into the most viable option and allowed me to begin my to do list and the social media posts I’d need to implement that option.

Then I had to begin putting things into practice. I started with what I knew would create the most impact in my life – Bookkeeping. I started that process by figuring out which system I liked the best, which was Xero, after years of trial and error with other systems. And then I became Xero Certified.

I help small businesses (generally individuals) manage their day to day finances and help them keep the most money possible in their pockets.

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I realized that some people really are not ready for a part time or even full time bookkeeper so I also offer intensives where you can get help in a choose your own adventure style setup.

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But more was needed – just because your business books are solid doesn’t mean you’re doing well…That only means you’ll do okay in an audit – don’t get me wrong, this is super important!

My own personal finances have been a point of frustration and as an autistic, bi-polar woman with ADHD to boot finding a system that works and I can follow through with has felt like a near impossible task. But I’ve started putting together tools and methods that I’m implementing and using. I’m chronicling that journey on my podcast, Find You Fall In Love, and more visually on my youtube channel – Budgeting with Amber.

I’m currently working on putting together some printables to help you get better at tracking and mapping out where your money goes. As someone who cannot follow or tolerate some in the financial advice space due to the narrow focus and often intolerant and uninformed advice they give. I’ve really had to dig in to find people giving good advice.

I want to be that voice for those already suffering from metal health challenges, especially the women. We’ve been written off by society for too long. And I know you’ve been trying like hell and struggling so much. We can do this. We will do this. I believe in us!

xo, Amber