Client Management Workflow Overhaul

What is it and why do I need it?

Your current client management workflow is good enough to have gotten you to this point. But that doesn’t mean it’s good and smooth enough to get you to the next level. The goal of this overhaul us to give you your time back and allow things to run on a far more automatic structure. Which will allow you to spent more time working with clients and less time managing all of the day to day intake of clients.

How does the Client Management Workflow Overhaul work?

  • First I do a complete audit of your current system and show you where I think the cracks in your boat are. 
  • Next we work together to design the right workflow for your business
  • This involves creating a customer journey to do list that will be used for each client you work with 
  • This system will help you as leads come in through the entire customer journey through the offboarding of the client.
  • I will fully implement the system and integrate it into your current website and then we will spend time testing the new system to make sure everything functions as you need it to.

The Deliverables

  • PDF document that analyzes the current workflow and suggests new tools and recommendations for how to streamline the process and make it more efficient for you and the best possible experience for your clients
  • Client offboarding system that will more readily collect testimonials
  • Pre-written email templates that are ready to be used
  • If using automated systems (such as those in dubsado) full and complete setup
  • Lead capture form
  • New client onboarding form
  • Invoice templates
  • Post Project Survey or form
  • Scheduler templates and implementation
Your Investment is $899/mo*

*Please note this cost does not include the cost of dubsado or any of the individual systems needed to make this workflow run smoothly