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Who I am

Growing up I wanted to become a teacher, a doctor (I wanted to deliver babies), and then in later years I wanted to own my own advertising firm in a huge NY high-rise. I laught a little at that last one these days but in many ways I have done all the things I wanted to do through my years. I just did it in a different manner than I had initially planned in the beginning.

I teach people every day about systems and tools that will make their lives easier. I started my own business in my late teens to early 20’s and continued to have a side business for more than 10 years before branching out completely on my own. I started my company as a virtual assistant helping with data entry and advertising and then I transitioned to some design work and now I help women birth both great business’ and beautiful websites. I have actually achieved everything I set out to do in life.

Do you have a story like that?

More to the point do you want a story like that?

That’s what I do.

My Beliefs and What I do

The coaching services I provide are what enables the real change in people. We work together to toss ideas back and forth and you come up with an action plan. We work together to defeat any negativity that arises and work through the blocks that Will come up anytime you try to do something new and expansive. We connect and speak to hold you accountable for that action plan you are going to be inspired and scared shitless by.

The strategy we discuss nails down “the how” into a meaningful action plan based in self love, self worth, trust in yourself and your intuition, and a smidge of direction from me. This process is about building a relationship with yourself where YOU make the decisions, where YOU connect and Trust YOURSELF to make the right call for You and Your Business.

And then we will dive in to your mindset which is the glue that binds it all together. The way you think about yourself, your abilities, your money story, your process for dealing with stress and success ALL come together to create both a mental and a physical response to the things that you do. In working through your blocks, feeling your feelings, and peeling back the layers of your story and your world we can defeat those monsters one at a time and move you into becoming the person who DOES the thing. We will birth that life you’ve been daydreaming about since childhood and we will do so on YOUR terms.

Are you ready?

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Hey Y’all!

Head Designer and Strategist

Hey there! I’m Amber and my fav thing in the world is helping those like you create a solid and beautiful expression of your lifestyle and your business in the form of a personal brand.  This comes together in your branded digital products, your website, and your social media presence and that is what I help you do!


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