Helping women move toward flow and profitability and away from hair raising chaos and madness with the right tools and systems for the task at hand.

Creating calm and ease out of chaos. We step in to your business and fill in the gaps of inefficiency saving you precious time, energy, and money that can be better spent elsewhere. 

 Project Management

Every business is unique in how things are done and how things are structured. But what really is the same across the board is the need to have project timelines and deadlines. Getting things launched on time and in the proper way ensures not only great productivity and return on investment but holy cows wouldn’t it be great to just have to DO the work and not manage what all has to be done AND do the work TOO?!

This package allows you to let go of one of your hats so that you can focus on the other 16 million things that need to be done.

 It includes:

Up to 12 hours each month for check ins, meetings, updates and reports. 

You can expect a weekly team meeting managed by me to figure out where we are on the tasks available. 

Someone to check in on our project management system (trello, asana, clickup) to figure out if the current deadlines are feasible and do everything in my power to ensure things get done on time – every time. 

If you are a team of one that’s no problem you still need help managing your projects and it’s nice to have someone else looking at the overall bigger picture and what needs done and thinking ahead to the next steps! 

The investment for this package begins at $850/month.
Client Management Workflow
  • Audit of your current system
  • Designing the right workflow for your business
  • A customized to do list for everyone 
  • Management of the project
  • Full implementation and testing of the new system
  • PDF document that analyzes the current workflow and suggests new tools and recommendations for how to streamline the process and make it more efficient for you and the best possible experience for your clients
  • Client offboarding system that will more readily collect testimonials 
  • Pre-written email templates that are ready to be used
  • If using automated systems (such as those in dubsado) full and complete setup
  • Lead capture form
  • New client onboarding form(s)
  • Invoice templates
  • Post Project Survey or form
  • Scheduler templates and implementation

Your investment – $899

Note: this cost does not include the cost of dubsado or any of the individual systems needed to make this workflow run smoothly