I'll be helping you find and maintain balance in your life and your fitness routine

Why hello there! 🙂

My life over the last few years has grown and changed so much! A lot has happened that has caused me to want to simplify and find some semblance of balance in a very crazy world.

I am a certified personal trainer on a mission to help women get strong and healthy while falling in love with themselves exactly where they are RIGHT NOW!

I really love listening to some great music and doing some lifting but I also really enjoy mixing it up and trying out new workouts.

So what types of things can you expect to find on this site and on the blog?

  • Playlist ideas for workouts
  • My Podcast – Find You Fall In Love
  • Things I’m learning
  • My struggles with my workouts and solutions I’ve found
  • Pre and Post workout foods that seem to help me get a good workout in without passing out **I’m hypoglycemic so sometimes I struggle with eating right before and finding the right food after**
  • Smoothie ideas because who really doesn’t love a wonderful and refreshing smoothie after a hard workout?
Amber xx