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Some people just are not ready to hire a Content Manager but they still want their systems to be set up correctly and may just need some questions answered. No problem we can totally do that.

Pick my brain sessions start at $197 for 1 day of telegram messaging and chat. 

Hey there! I'm Amber

We create calm and ease out of chaos. We step in to your business and fill in the gaps of inefficiency saving you precious time, energy, and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

We create a solid content strategy by focusing on long form content and driving traffic to those sources to help build trust and generate leads.

Below you’ll find all the ways to work with us.

Ambers timing for my companies needs were perfect we were in a seriously fast paced transition, we had little to no time to train someone to take over this tetris like coordinating position, yet  Amber jumped in both feet and with little instruction she managed our customer care, scheduling and coordinating for our busy growing closet installation business. I would be remiss if I didn’t say, Amber saved our butts. I recommend her for any of your VA needs. She bought us time and helped me do what I needed to do, my real” job.

Aaron Fanning


The Options

Level 1 Package

This package is for folks who are not ready for a full service firm to take over their social media but they are utterly, completely, and genuinely exhausted with trying to piece together their strategy and know what to post when. 

This package includes:

  • 90 day Content Strategy
  • 90 day Content Plan
  • Content Audit (1x/90 days) (your content and 2 of your competitors)
  • 1 hour of telegram voice notes and chat to get questions answered
The price of this package is $599
Agency Base Package

The goal of the agency base package for content management is to focus on long form content and using social media as a tool to drive traffic to those pieces of longform content to increase awareness and sales. 

This package includes:

  • 4 hours of engagement and outreach each month

  • 2 reels/shorts per week (you shoot the footage – I write, edit and put it together)

  • 1 carousel post

  • 3 static posts 

  • Content Strategy + plan for each month
  • Reports via email each month and 30 min q+a chat via telegram
  • Research for social media (hashtag and competitor research
  • Editing and scheduling blogs (up to 3 hours/4 blogs per mo)
  • Transcript cleanup and editing – making it ready for closed captions and/or as an accompanying blog post
  • Youtube/Podcast uploading + scheduling (if applicable)
  • Content audit (1x/90 days)
    • Your content vs 2 of your competitors
Pricing begins at $1800/mo
Project Based Work

I also offer project based work which includes full or partial content management help. It could be to test the waters, for a product or service launch, or simply because you just cannot figure out how to plug a few pieces of content.

Connect with me to get a custom proposal for your project. 

Custom Content Package

Not seeing what you’re looking for? No problem. I regularly create custom packages for clients. Let’s have a chat and see if it’s a good fit and get started.

Click here to see the apps and programs I love and have working knowledge of
Amber Slocum provided heroic business support and solid implementation of standards and procedures for reproducible results.
Amber’s take charge – find problems and fix them; approach to business consulting allowed us to build our real estate company while managing exponential transaction growth at the same time.
Jeff McCormick

Realty 360

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