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Some people just are not ready to hire an OBM but they still want their systems to be set up correctly and may just need some questions answered. No problem we can totally do that.

Pick my brain sessions start at $197 for 1 day of telegram messaging and chat. 

Hey there! I'm Amber

Creating calm and ease out of chaos. We step in to your business and fill in the gaps of inefficiency saving you precious time, energy, and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

Below you’ll find all the ways to work with me.

Ambers timing for my companies needs were perfect we were in a seriously fast paced transition, we had little to no time to train someone to take over this tetris like coordinating position, yet  Amber jumped in both feet and with little instruction she managed our customer care, scheduling and coordinating for our busy growing closet installation business. I would be remiss if I didn’t say, Amber saved our butts. I recommend her for any of your VA needs. She bought us time and helped me do what I needed to do, my real” job.

Aaron Fanning


The Options

Agency Base Package

You may have a general idea of the direction you want to go but you need some help getting the to do list prepped and also really need someone to do the legwork for you. You are not ready to hire two separate people as there just isn’t enough work. And frankly you just want to get back to working with clients. No problem I’ve got you!

Base retainer package includes up to 8 hours of OBM work and 15 hours of VA work and begins at $1000 per month.

Online Business Management

Everything seems like chaos and you’re sick and tired of it! You just need someone to come in to your business and streamline everything you do. There literally HAS to be a better way. There is definitely a better approach to life and business and it’s through systems and the correct tools.

An online business manager will come in to your business, organize the WAY you do things, deep clean all your file structures – yep i see those cobwebs – and help you figure out what content you can and should be recycling and what should really be deleted and allowed to rest.

Let’s get you focused and moving forward and back to work!

Base retainer package includes up to 14 hours of work and begins at $1000 per month.

Executive Virtual Assistant

You know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done…you just need someone to do the heavy and tedious job of DOING the work! This is the package for you. You give a to do list with clearly outlined instructions and due dates and I manage all the mischief.

Base retainer package includes up to 10 hours of VA work and begins at $300 per month.

Project Based Work

I also offer project based work which includes VA, OBM, or a hybrid of the two if desired. This is for people looking to test out the waters of what it would be like to work together by working on a small project or launch.

Connect with me to get a custom proposal for your project. 

Curious what tasks an Executive Virtual Assistant can take on for you? Click here to see what that could look like.
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Amber Slocum provided heroic business support and solid implementation of standards and procedures for reproducible results.
Amber’s take charge – find problems and fix them; approach to business consulting allowed us to build our real estate company while managing exponential transaction growth at the same time.
Jeff McCormick

Realty 360

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