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Chicken Pot Pie over Biscuits

I will make this again soon I promise AND remember in my ravenous state to snap a picture to update you all. I have been craving comfort food. In particular I’ve been craving some chicken pot pie something serious. So a few days ago I’d had enough and went and picked...

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My Strategy for 4th Quarter

I’ve spent over a year playing around in fb, claiming to be working but in reality I was scrolling and replying to friends or the average everyday posts. I was sharing political content and avoiding facebook groups. But I was doing “market research” is what I kept...

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My Workout Journey and What I’ve Learned

My fitness journey has not been an easy one. Is anyone’s? I started lifting weights and running in highschool. I was doing quite well at it for someone who had never lifted before and prior to that had only been a cyclist. I lifted 2-3 days a week during what would...

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