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Falling Behind

Who dictates whether we are behind or on task?  There are many things in our lives with distinct timelines that must be followed but I am finding that in reality there aren’t as many as we think.  We are taught in school how to follow timelines. We are told when...

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You Deserve Nice Things – Money Mindset

This episode discusses money mindset and a quote that I heard the day before I recorded this "You all have a number that if your bank account goes above you get nervous and feel the need to spend." This hit me hard y'all and I felt compelled to discuss it. Enjoy! Here...

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Why a Wellness Brand?

Why a wellness brand? For almost a decade we have been on a rollercoaster ride of removing toxins from the home and our lives. I say rollercoaster ride because I have gone back and forth on this and at times had to make do with what we could since we didn’t have the...

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