What Others Are Saying About Working With Me

Find out what people are saying about working with me!

  • Amber Slocum provided heroic business support and solid implementation of standards and procedures for reproducible results.
  • Amber’s take charge – find problems and fix them; approach to business consulting allowed us to build our real estate company while managing exponential transaction growth at the same time.
    • Jeff McCormick, Realty 360 Properties, www.r360p.com


  • Amber pushed me out of my comfort zone. She challenged me to learn how to say no. She also provided a much needed outside prospective to help guide me in my decisions great and small.
  • It’s the best thing that you didn’t know that you needed. Do it for your future and your sanity.
    • Antonia J., Makeup Artist


  • Amber’s timing for my companies needs were perfect we were in a seriously fast paced transition, we had little to no time to train someone to take over this tetris like coordinating position, yet  Amber jumped in both feet and with little instruction she managed our customer care, scheduling and coordinating for our busy growing closet installation business. I would be remiss if I didn’t say, Amber saved our butts. I recommend her for any of your VA needs. She bought us time and helped me do what I needed to do, my“real” job. Amber was a wonderful team mate, a self starter, and hard working.

    • Aaron Fanning LHW


  • I engaged the services of a great VA who is going above and beyond to help me get my work out there (from ‘live’ environments to online). Thanks to Amber’s efforts largely, we put out one of my books free as an offering and so far about 70 people have signed up to download it! Having attempted this on my own previously this is a realllly encouraging result! Yay for the help of a good VA! Perseverance works!
    • Amanda Fleming