On Courage and Vulnerability

On Courage and Vulnerability

Here’s to courage and vulnerability! This was my very first video back in 2015. I was SO nervous about filming this. Regardless the message is really good.

At some point you have to get tired of the story you’re telling yourself. This video was the first time I’d ever allowed myself to get on video. Back in 2015 when I was just beginning in this online business journey.

We can have so many reasons why we shouldn’t do something and just ONE reason why we SHOULD do something – go with it. Do the thing that terrifies you. Because you just have no idea what could come of that experience.

Move through your fear and do something that terrifies you! It is incredibly liberating.

“Change doesn’t happen without movement. You are the only one who can change your life. And without moving and trying (new things) it’ll never happen.”

“Find courage. It’s hard, it’s crazy, it’s painful.”