When those inner demons come to call…and what to do next.

A few months ago I started the process of removing things from my life that no longer served me.

Things that only seemed to bog me down, stress me out, or cause me pain. It started with things in the house though truth be told I’m still working on that in a real way. I got on fb and cleaned out my friends list. Then I moved on to groups.

After all that I went through some massive personal transformations and that was intense and amazing in ways I cannot even explain.

I came out of closets I had been hiding in both to myself and to others. I let go of hurt and pain and did all the forgiveness work I could think of at the time. And it was amazing and gut wrenching all at the same time. I was better for a bit and then other demons came to call. I’m working through those now. The process is similar, the pain more intense. These are deeper wounds that I’ve never quite dealth with.

The universe is with me in this and I know there is a purpose. I know there is love and excitement and wholeness at the end of this road. I know a feeling of being more complete will come as the sun always comes after the night.

But it requires more love, more change, more room. I’ve started that process as I turned off the fb notifications on my phone a few weeks ago. Then last week I removed the app completely from my phone. I have to view it on the web browser and it’s more challenging for me. I’m on it less. It’s been nice. And it’s freed up some mental and emotional space you see.

So the gist of this is that we often need to make space in our physical lives in order to free up our mental space to deal with the things we need to deal with. We often acquire physical shit in order to fill some emotional void.

Declutter, let the pieces go. Do what you have to do to feel whole again. Not with stuff. But with healing and self love. With friends and relationships! That’s where life really happens. In those moments and spaces.

At some point in our lives we have to shed our pain and step into the light and the love. This process isn't easy. Let's dive in to that a little.