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I help service based business like yours scale by creating a solid foundation rooted in authentic and unique marketing strategies and workflows that make sense for you. 

I want you to imagine for just a moment that you’re sitting in your office getting ready to create your longform content for the month. You open up your detailed marketing plan that has your list of topics to pick from. You choose your topic and begin to create. After you’re done you pull your sound bites out and put them in your project manager with the dates they will be published. Your entire process is laid out before you and in one day you’ve created content for weeks to come.

This is what being in creative flow looks like. THIS is what I will help you create and accomplish within your business. Creative and strategic flow that gets results. I’m going to teach you how to work smarter and not harder. This is what I do for women like you who are just so frustrated with constantly chasing the algorithm. I’ve learned through much trial and error and many years working behind the scenes what works and what doesn’t. The problem is you don’t need another course or another cookie cutter solution. You need something unique and customized to your business, market, and quite frankly your personality.

  • What works for an extrovert could never work for someone who is deeply and intensely introverted. (as an introvert I have tried like hell to “fix” myself until I realized there just simply was nothing wrong with me and all I really needed to do was find the right methods for ME – sound familiar?)
  • What works for someone who just isn’t good on video would never work like it does for someone who just completely ROCKS at video.
  • The idea that strategies that work for a designer can and will work for a nutritionist is just laughable!

You’ve got to fit the marketing to the market. Your workflows need to represent who YOU are and what YOUR customers and clients need!

And that’s what I do. I sit down with you and I pull out all the great information you are dying to share…All that expert knowledge…out of your head in a way that makes sense for you and your brand.

Let’s unleash that genius on the world, shall we?

Power Hour

This time is a fast paced hour where you can pick my brain and get help with one (and more if time allows) of the following topics

  • email marketing strategy
  • full funnel layout and planning
  • systems and tools audit
  • workflows

When our time together ends you will walk away with a solid action plan with at least 5 action items to help you plan for your next launch or prepare for the next quarter.

This package also includes my content planning trello board for free to help you move the needle forward in your business.

Your investment for this package is $129. 

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