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Growing up I wanted to become a teacher, a doctor (I wanted to deliver babies), and then in later years I wanted to own my own advertising firm in a huge NY high-rise. I laugh a little at that last one these days but in many ways I have done all the things I wanted to do through my years. I just did it in a different manner than I had initially planned in the beginning.

I teach people every day about systems and tools that will make their lives easier. I started my own business in my late teens to early 20’s and continued to have a side business for more than 10 years before branching out completely on my own. I started my company as a virtual assistant helping with data entry and advertising and then I transitioned to some design work and now I help women birth their business’ by creating beautiful, minimalistic, and functional websites. I have actually achieved everything I set out to do in life. Now it’s time to continue that momentum and do it bigger! 


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Your life is absolutely crazy, Momma! Kiddos crying, asking for the billionth snack and the toilet hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. The dishes are piling up and you are just about to pull your hair out. I get it. I’ve been there. Getting it all in can be a challenge. But if you can get it all out of your head and into a schedule you definitely have a better chance of getting it all done and having time for that face mask you desperately want to enjoy! Hold on momma and get this guide now to begin Sowing the Seeds of Peace and Balance in your home and life!

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