Amber & Company Designs

Who I am

Growing up I wanted to become a teacher, a doctor (I wanted to deliver babies), and then in later years I wanted to own my own advertising firm in a huge NY high-rise. I laugh a little at that last one these days but in many ways I have done all the things I wanted to do through my years. I just did it in a different manner than I had initially planned in the beginning.

I teach people every day about systems and tools that will make their lives easier. I started my own business in my late teens to early 20’s and continued to have a side business for more than 10 years before branching out completely on my own. I started my company as a virtual assistant helping with data entry and advertising and then I transitioned to some design work and now I help women birth their business’ by creating beautiful, minimalistic, and functional websites. I have actually achieved everything I set out to do in life. Now it’s time to continue that momentum and do it bigger!