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I do the books so you can get back to work!

I help women owned businesses manage their budgets by maximizing profits and saving money on taxes.

If you’re in the DIY camp of the bookkeeping game I’ve developed a super affordable and incredibly helpful program to keep you on track throughout the year and keep you updated on major IRS deadlines so you can avoid fines and file everything on time! 

Standard bookkeeping work covers all the basics for your day to day transactional work. Click the image below for more info.

A newer and better Resources page is in the works for you! I will have a plethora of items to help you up your bookkeeping game and keep you on track with workflows, a receipt management workshop, and a bookkeeping in spreadsheets basics masterclass!

All of this is designed to be there to help you as you build your business and get yourself ready to hire a bookkeeper. (hhheeey i see you! Ready when you are love)

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