Amber Slocum Wellness

How Can I Be Of Service?

Personal Training

Choose from:

  • In home or in a park
  • Private
  • Semi-Private
Individual Sessions – $45/session
Packages Available starting at $176 (4 sessions)

Online Training

Choose from:

  • Private one on one sessions via Skype or Zoom
Packages begin at $160/month (4 sessions)

Picture this! Getting together with your friends for a group session at your home! After an awesome full body workout breakfast and mimosa’s are provided. It’s the ultimate girlfriends doing big things experience!

Then the next week we meet at another friends house and do it all over again! Only question is who’s house do we start at?

Connect with me for pricing options! 

Ready to Rock and Roll?

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Whether your goals include weight loss, pain management, or just feeling better in your own skin I’ve got you. Let’s go on this journey together. If you are interested in body image and mindset coaching please click here!