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Online Business Management Packages

Your business needs you to be doing the creative work and not focusing on the minutiae of day to day operations. I’ve been a VA since 2012 and also have experience in managing workflows, training employees on systems and tools, creating Standard Operating Procedures, and managing projects for myself and others.

Can you imagine being able to have someone else there to manage the day to day tasks for you while you get back to doing the work?

Can you fathom the amount of time that could be saved when it’s time to scale your business and you’ve got someone to help you hire the right person, manage their training, and manage their tasks?

If this sounds like a magical and mystical far off land I assure you it isn’t. It’s real and it’s more affordable than you might think!

The thing about hiring an OBM is you don’t need to hire someone full time. Most small companies don’t need a full time person managing the day to day stuff. My packages begin with 10 hours per month and go to as many as 40 hours per month. Special retainer packages available as well. This allows for our relationship to grow as you do.

I have a limited number of spots available for online business management and project management clients so let’s schedule a chat today to make sure you get in under the wire.

Who is this service for?

The blogger who needs help a few hours a month and some accountability for herself and others on her team.

The course creator who is ready to launch and do BIG things!

The small business who is ready to scale and needs to figure out how to make that transition happen swiftly and easily.

The speaker who needs help managing her content and presence online in order to grow and expand her business beyond her wildest dreams.

Anyone who just needs some time back in their life to do the things that matter most!

Do any of these sound like you?!

Who is this service NOT for?

The business owner who is not ready to expand their business.

The business who is content with how things currently are.

The blogger who isn’t ready to expand beyond writing a few times a week and has no desire to run a course or do something bigger.

If you can dream it you can do it! Walt Disney

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Online Business Management Packages

Packages begin at 4 hours per month

$200 per month

We can tailor a package specifically for you!