How Can I Be Of Service?

As a momma of a young kiddo I find that exercise is one of the only times I truly get to do something entirely for me! Does this resonate with you?

Taking time for yourself can be really hard when you have littles. But it’s so so necessary for you to be a better momma and for you to not lose yourself entirely in the day to day of life! 

That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you remember who you were before you became momma or partner (business or personal), who you were before life took over! 

So tell me how can I be of service?

Mindset + Body Image Coaching

Your body is a marvelous thing. It gets you up every morning and carries you through the day. While you may want to change things about yourself you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Love the one you’re with…and by that I mean you. I’m going to help you uncover those magical things about yourself that will make you not only find yourself but fall in love with who that is.

Personal Training

I offer two options for Personal Training.

  • Online Personal Training with Live sessions with me via Zoom. After the first month you have the option to have check-ins and adjustments only or continue with live sessions.  
  • I also offer Live and in person training for those local to the SLC area. We can do your sessions in your  home, at a park, or in a garage. 

Session prices begin at $40/session. Packages available.