DIY Bookkeeping Check-In Program

It’s time for something new, something unique and something specifically designed for someone who is not ready to hire a bookkeeper but still needs some support and opportunities to be reminded of important dates, and also some accountability around actually doing the books on a regular basis!

I’ve designed this program with these folks in mind for a few reasons…

  1. Your books still need to be done whether by you or someone else!
  2. Waiting until tax time can cause you miss things and this costs you valuable deductions and I know what it’s like to have to spend 4-6 days away from my family because i’m frantically searching for that ONE receipt from February of the prior year so I know how to categorize that transaction.
  3. Those tax penalties for not making your quarterly tax payments are not only annoying but they can get pricey as you begin to build your business and make more money. Ensuring that those payments are on time will save you money in the long run.
  4. Questions that are outside the scope of a bookkeeper will be referred to the proper professional.

The Details

  • 1 Hour live co-working session where you can pop in and do your books for the month and get questions answered and pop out when you’re done.
  • There will be 2 dates per month offered including one Sunday
  • Email reminders about federal tax deadlines
  • Email reminders about federal tax payments
Your Investment is $29/mo

*You can also reserve a 60 minute call with me to talk over an issue and answer questions on a per call basis. The cost for this is $197.