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What’s Important and Your Why

Brain Dumps and Categorizing Your To-Do’s

Time Management

Goal Setting

4 Things A Day

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How simplifying your closet can affect your productivity


Downsizing and simplifying your closet and how this can save you mental stress and how it will increase productivity and aid in your business. 

One thing that I find in todays society is we just have to make too many damn decisions. What to eat? What to wear? What to do with our hair? What shoes to wear? And I have barely even scratched the surface of the amount of decision making that happens through a typical day, am I right?

What if your choice of clothing was broken down into just a few simple pieces of clothing that all work together so no matter what the weather is like you have a choice between, let’s say, 7 outfits. This brings the decision making stress down dramatically. Now imagine that you only have a few basic colors to work with. Now we are getting somewhere. When I was in design school they told us to wear black or grey, always. Here’s why this was important, especially when making a pitch or presentation…your work is what you want people to focus on. Not that crazy hot pink, green, and royal blue floral top you have going on. At then end of the day you might stand out but it probably won’t be because you killed the presentation. Take it down a few notches and let your actual personality and the quality of your work speak for itself.

So, by simplifying your closet down to a few key pieces you will achieve a few things.

  • Narrow your choices and thereby your stress level which will in turn free up mental space for other important things such as work or family stuff.
  • Allow you to spend more money on really nice, quality items that will last.
  • Allow you to show up to presentations and pitches looking professional and allow your work to speak for you.

Just for the record, you can add to your closet but in order to keep things in check I’d follow the three day rule and the one in, one out principle. What in the world are you talking about, Amber? Okay so here’s how it breaks down. I walk through a store and see a super cute shirt that I just absolutely MUST have and would look so adorable with the jacket I have at home and those adorable pumps I bought 6 mo ago. Cool…go home wait 3 days, go back. If it still drives you mad in the same way then grab that sucker and do your thing. If not then keep on steppin’. Next up is the one in, one out principle. When you bring a new item in take an old item to a consignment or goodwill. This keeps you in line with the 7-10 outfit ideal and also puts a little change in your pocket or helps out someone who really needs some new clothes but can’t afford a regular department store.

Do you have a tip for simplifying your life? I’d love to hear it in the comments section below! Have an amazing day!