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Marketing in 15 minutes a day

How many marketing tasks can you get done in 15 min?  I have been using a revised Pomodoro method for several years now. I initially did this because having a little one at home who was constantly in need of my attention made a 25 min of...

It’s not the system, it’s you…now what?

This podcast discusses the concept of who we are, what our patterns tend to be, and how we move forward and grow and change. Healing once we realize it is US and not the things around us that are the thing holding us back. I'm also about to launch...

Self Sabotage is a REAL thing

I’ve recorded 4 videos in the last week and they are all trash. It’s not as much the video itself but what I was talking about. You see, I’ve been working to find the best solution for me and my needs to keep me on task and moving my business...

Falling Behind

Who dictates whether we are behind or on task?  There are many things in our lives with distinct timelines that must be followed but I am finding that in reality there aren’t as many as we think.  We are taught in school how to follow timelines. We...

You Deserve Nice Things – Money Mindset

This episode discusses money mindset and a quote that I heard the day before I recorded this "You all have a number that if your bank account goes above you get nervous and feel the need to spend." This hit me hard y'all and I felt compelled to...


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