What is a client offboarding process?

What happens when you and your client decide that a project is at or nearing completion? If you have a good system in place there will be a number of things that are done to not only ensure that everyone leaves the interaction as happy as they can be but also that you’ve gotten some basic information and understanding to help you improve your processes going forward. 

What to include in an off boarding process?

A good offboarding process is going to include a few key things. 

A survey to get feedback on how things went – what went well? Is there was something that could have gone better? This is the chance for your clients to help you know what you’re doing great at and what bits and pieces of the process could be smoother and a touch better. 

A space for them to leave a review – Testimonials are for some the make or break of whether or not they will hire you. It’s a good idea to work on getting a few so that you can add them in strategic places on your website and they can also be used in your social media as social proof.  

Space for a referral – Asking for a referral can sometimes feel really awkward but if you’re doing a great job your clients will 100% want to refer you to someone else they know who absolutely needs this. This can take many forms honestly. Sometimes it’s just remiding them to tag you in social media posts they happen upon when in fb groups where someone is looking for what you do. Other times it could be actually giving you a name and number for someone who you need to talk to. Either way don’t make it super complicated and you can ask something as simple as who do you know that i should know who also could really use the service i provide? Whether you choose to  give an incentive for referrals or not it’s a good idea to just ask – right away while you are top of mind still.

But when do I do this?

Let’s talk about WHEN you shoot this information off to the client…because I think sometimes that gets confusing and then you feel you’ve waited too long and now you can’t…

The ideal time to send the email is the day after the project is complete. If you have an automated system you can set these emails to automatically go out. If you are using something like google workspace you can actually schedule emails in there but you’ve got to turn that feature on (in the settings) and then it’s just a matter of having the template and forms all in the email and just plopping in the persons name.

BUT if you get behind and forget it’s okay. It’s okay to send it a week or even a month later. Just add a little something funny about your timing and say how much you’d appreciate the feedback. I think the important point is to get out of your own way and allow people to shower you with praise and some words to help you make your business better. Being able to receive that feedback is key and I know as women we sometimes really REALLY struggle with this aspect because we are generally speaking deep givers. We can go into the mindset work needed around receiving another day because that’s an entire post in and of itself but this is the basics.

What if it’s been a really long time?

If it has been 3-6 mo you can still send the request off but be understanding if you don’t get a reply. It’s been a hot minute and they may have gotten busy. It may not be anything personal to be honest.

I hope this helped you get a clearer understanding of how to create and what to include in your simple yet effective offboarding system. 

Have an amazing day, love!