Let's talk content strategy

Well hello there and welcome if you’re new and welcome back if you’ve been here before!

So you want to build a content strategy plan? 

Cool, cool, here’s what you need to determine first!

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The questions you have to ask yourself

  1. What’s the goal or the why behind creating content in the first place?
  2. Where will you create that content?
  3. What type of content will you make?
  4. How often will you create content?

Let's break this down...

1. If you are just making content to make content it will be a waste of your time. I’m creating content to establish myself as an authority on content and launch strategy. The idea being you read these things and ask for my help when you’re ready. 

I’m also creating content just to help you and other people like you become better business owners for the simple reason that – it’s important to me and it’s a huge part of my mission

2. Where you put the content changes how you market yourself. Period. I market blog posts on pinterest. I wouldn’t put youtube videos there. Mixed media content is a whole different ballgame. 

3. The type of content influences so many things like I mentioned above. If you’re terrible at live video I’m never going to suggest you do them for your business. That said if you’re great on recorded video than we are going to crank out video content left and right. It just depends on your goals, your why, and your strengths. 

Let's go deeper

Okay, so, you’re main goal should be to have someone buy a service, course, or product from you. And the idea is that any content created will drive people somewhere where they can hear more about and purchase that product or service. 

So you can do this 2 ways. You’ll want to drive traffic to a website or storefront where they will purchase OR you can capture their email address and put them into a funnel to eventually buy the product. 

So at its core your strategy needs to establish a relationship with people and lead them to a product. 

How you do this is completely up to you. You’ll need to establish the amount of time it takes someone to become a customer after they’ve become a lead. This could be 2 weeks, 3 months, or even a few years. 

Over time you will be able to see a pattern and figure out a way to shorten the time it takes to make some folks buyers. But you’ve got to know where you’re at to know where you’re going to go. It’s all about learning more about your people and what drives their buying decisions.

This is personal

I could write down a plan for you and give you data on the best time to post to insta or facebook but ultimately it’s up to your audience and THEIR behavior. I spend 65-75% of my TV time on youtube. I love it. Others watch actual shows. Still others prefer to read. 

You’re honestly going to have to invest some time, have radical amounts of fun, while also dealing with some frustration figuring it out. I was reading a few articles today about the best times to post on instagram and then I looked at my own insights and guess what? My phone said the exact OPPOSITE of what THREE DIFFERENT articles said.

My advice

So here’s the real question and my honest advice. 

  1. How often do you want to consistently make content?
  2. How often can you make consistently good content?

The key word there was consistently! It’s got to be regular and good if not great!

My advice is to have some fun and truly play around with creating and launching content. If you want to create a course then you will want to start that email list and following NOW…like yesterday! All traffic should lead them to sign up for updates and tips on the course or service topic (hence this post). 

The number of posts is less important if they are fantastic, relevant, and helpful. People will seek you out! 

I’ll make a video at some point and a sample strategy in another post.