What programs do you need to successfully launch a product?

Launching a product requires a few systems and tools. I’ll be honest, there are so many different options when it comes to systems and tools that CAN help you in launching a product. The list I’ve compiled below is just my own recommendations based on price and accessibility. You certainly could get the top of the line options (Ontraport and Magento) but frankly I find the middle of the road approach to be the most user friendly and allows my clients to jump right in rather than spend months learning a program. So what exactly would I  recommend to sell gobs of digital products?

**Quick note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on those links and purchase the products I receive a small amount of money and it helps me create more content like this. This does not increase your cost whatsoever. It just supports me a tiny bit. Thank you in advance for your support.**



I could talk for days on each one available on the market but for simplicity sake I’m going to suggest Shopify or something like Gumroad if you only have one or two products.

Gumroad is a great starting point. It allows you to create buy links and there’s no monthly fees when you are just starting out. You will pay a 5% fee for every product sold. You’ll also pay the payment processor fees (generally around 4%).

Shopify on the other hand is a robust storefront platform and would be a great option to grow into. This platform allows you to essentially build a website with items for sale. It’s very much an all in one storefront. They have several different themes and there are designers who specifically make themes for Shopify. The price point begins at 29.00 per month.

If you are looking to blog AND have a storefront then squarespace may be worth looking at. With shopify you’d have to have wordpress and that would be an additional cost. Commerce plans with Squarespace begin at 30.00 per month.


Payment Processors

Speaking of payment processors…you’re gonna need one! Square, Stripe, and Paypal are the most common. Personally I prefer Square and Paypal as they are exceptionally easy to use and square has a card reader they will send you for free if you sell things in person. Paypal is super well known and trusted around the world.


Email Marketing

You’re going to need a way to communicate with customers. Personally I’m going to recommend Active Campaign or Convertkit as they will give you the best open rates and bang for your buck.

I will create videos on my youtube channel going into more detail about these programs and how to use them.


Social Media Platforms

Which social media platforms will you be focusing on? I suggest choosing one and hitting it with everything you can. I will dive mor einto strategy in another post. 

This is the gist of what you will need to launch and sell a digital product or products online. I will dive deeper into each of these subjects in future posts.