How many marketing tasks can you get done in 15 min? 

I have been using a revised Pomodoro method for several years now. I initially did this because having a little one at home who was constantly in need of my attention made a 25 min of uninterupted time a pipe dream. I knew I could distract my kid for 15 min and get in some work time here and there. So that’s what I did! Now the next question becomes…WHAT should you be doing during that precious time? Today I have some ideas for you. Check out the video below to get a more in depth understanding of each of these things. 

Here's that list for later reference

  1. Figure out your categories and use the search box within the group to search for that topic
  2. Scroll through the most recent posts
  3. Comment, connect, and share your own life and story and tips and tricks
  4. Jot down verbiage used for later use in copy, products, and product descriptions.
  5. Jot down topics for future posts based on common or reoccuring themes.