Where do we go from here?

This time has caused so much upheaval in the world. I believe that much of that upheaval is good and necessary. 

Our earth is made of tectonic plates and when the pressure builds we have earthquakes. It’s the closest and best explaination I have for what’s happening right now. We were at a critical point and the earth needed us to step back and try some things again. And here we are. 

One of the major things that will come out of this is the need for us all to be better. I believe this time has been given to us to heal our minds and our hearts. 

This is why I’m now offering mindset coaching. The tools I have available will help you release old patterns, heal, and be ready to move forward in a positive and great way. These sessions are $30 for one hour. These sessions can be done over the phone, zoom, or slack/voxer. To purchase begin the process please click here

And another thing that’s going to come from this is the need to make a dollar out of 15 cents. So I’m working on creating a course that will teach you how to budget, meal plan, stretch your finances further than you ever thought possible, and also prioritize both your funds but also your debt. I’m currently preselling this course for $47. I’m planning to have the first module on Budgets out within the next few weeks. To purchase this course please click here