I’ve recorded 4 videos in the last week and they are all trash. It’s not as much the video itself but what I was talking about. You see, I’ve been working to find the best solution for me and my needs to keep me on task and moving my business forward. I’ve tried them all. Which was partly because I love learning new systems and tools and it’s helped me make recommendations to clients and videos on youtube. 

But the part I hadn’t taken into account was my own limitations. I had not taken into consideration that self sabotage is real. I seriously thought (or prayed maybe) that I was done with that crap. I’m not. 

Truth be told I’ve spent a lot of time moving from system to system to avoid having to connect with people. To avoid having to put myself out there. To avoid having to ask people for their business and being told no. 

That stuff is scary yall. And I need to dig deeper into why we are doing this AGAIN. I need to dive deeper and ask some hard questions. Here I’ve been thinking facebook groups don’t work when in reality it’s me. I haven’t been doing the REAL work. The hard work. And it’s time to stop that. 

So how do you combat this? Honestly, you need a tribe of other business owners who will hold you accountable and push you outside your comfort zone. This can come in SO many forms so I’m not saying rush out and spend a ton of money. But it might also look like that for you. So let’s look at some options for pushing past some self imposed limitations….

  • Business besties – These people will allow you to cry and give you the hell yea’s when things go right. There is nothing that compares to business besties. 
  • Accountability partner – This is someone who you go back and forth with and who keeps you on task. 
  • Free mastermind groups – This is a group of people who just get together either online or in person and work together to help each other with their business’ and keep things on track. 
  • Paid mastermind groups – These are generally led by a coach and are a bit higher end than the free options. They range in price from 9.99 a month all the way up to $2000+ a month. I know there are some that are even more. But these options generally put you in a group with like minded individuals who are in a similar place in their business. You will get some advice from someone who has done it and is eager and ready to teach you how to get there. 
  • Accountability coach – PS this can be done by any business coach or strategist. But sometimes coaches can offer accountability calls where they keep you on track and accountable for getting the to do list boxes checked. 
  • A business coach or strategist who offer support calls – This person is very much like an accountability coach EXCEPT that when you hit a snag they will walk you through getting back on track and working through the hard times to push you further than you’ve ever gone before. 

So which options have you done before? Which options have you looked into and which options do you think would be the best to invest in? Tell me in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list for more things like this. :)