Everyone says create a marketing funnel but what does that really look like. Here’s a super basic funnel outlined for you

  • Free Recipe Book
  • Freebie #2 Free grocery shopping list that is delivered by email after they sign up 
  • 15 min free chat to see what their goals are and see how you can help them achieve them
  • Quick offer – $25 masterclass on meal prepping with meal prepping pdf guide
  • $30/mo group where you help them with accountability, recipes, tips and tricks as well as monthly calls to teach them new cooking techniques and show them recipes

See how that slowly moved people through the steps and you quickly get rid of the looky loo’s who aren’t planning to buy. You could even do only 2 freebies and jump into a $5-15 offer as well. 

So here’s that broken down without examples:

  • Freebie
  • Freebie
  • Freebie or low dollar no brainer
  • Slightly higher offer but still super simple and something that they absolutely need to have to accomplish their goals
  • Signature Offer

Some funnels start with a small offer as well. This is something you have to decide for yourself and your business. 

I hope this helps you understand what people are talking about when they are referring to a marketing plan or a marketing funnel. Your job is to push that freebie HARD! 

Next time we will dive into what your initial freebie should be.