Why a wellness brand?

For almost a decade we have been on a rollercoaster ride of removing toxins from the home and our lives. I say rollercoaster ride because I have gone back and forth on this and at times had to make do with what we could since we didn’t have the money to buy organic or natural things. I’ve since regretted those choices as it has caused nothing but problems.

Fitness is one small part of a great life filled with health and wellness. If we look at wellness as a cake (who doesn’t like cake) and then as we cut it up we get slices. Each slice is a part of the whole. I feel like we can divide wellness into different slices. Our health is one, fitness is another, nutrition, and our environment is yet another. And each part affects and impacts the others.

I also believe that life is about moderation. We each have about a thousand decisions to make each and every single day. We decide things like what clothes to wear, to what to listen to on our way to work, the foods we choose to feed our family, and the amount of movement we get each and every day. We choose to be mindful or absent…etc. It’s SO many decisions that sometimes it can cause extreme (or even minimal) overload and overwhelm. Making our lives easier is a huge part of wellness because the easier we make some of these decisions the more energy and room we have for more impactful ones.

What will we talk about beyond fitness?

I have a bajillion ideas but here are the core things I want to begin with…

  • Essential oils have been a HUGE part of our lives over the last few years and I took a break from them for about a year and let me tell you we were more sick than any of us had been in close to a decade. So I feel like they are a big factor in keeping everyone well.
  • Yoga is more a part of the fitness realm but I know that when I do yoga regularly it completely changes my way of life and living with autoimmune diseases it really does help with the constant pain.
  • Meditation – it’s life changing!
  • Things of the woo nature – spiritual but not religious
  • Productivity – I find that when I am productive and on task my stress level is significantly reduced and when my stress level is down I am overall healthier
  • Cleaning up your life – by that I mean removing the toxic crap from your environment!
  • Nutrition – I’m kind of a smoothie junkie so don’t be surprised if a lot of that doesn’t revolve around this.
  • Fitness – I don’t believe in giving you generalized workouts for the most part. If I ever choose to do this there will be warnings as to whom this is for and at some point I will dive into the why I’m not posting workout ideas….and no it has nothing to do with me wanting you to hire me as your trainer – though admittedly that would be awesome! Call me 😉 There is so much to working out and so many precautions for specific types of people.

Honestly I want to say something because I feel this to my core. I didn’t realize how sick I was until I began walking down this path. I didn’t realize that my body wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. I’d been in pain for so long I didn’t know that there was another way. It’s much of the reason I’m choosing to make this a profession. Because I believe we all deserve to be healthy and happy!