I am the type of person who tries things for a season, learns, assesses what I’ve done and how well it’s working or not working and then I shift gears if necessary. I wouldn’t say these shifts are because I failed. I would say that these shifts have taught me an immense amount about myself and who I want to be and how I want to contribute and show up to my followers and clients.

Last October or November I started a podcast and due to finances I could not continue too long. I resurrected that podcast with a different name and a clearer direction this spring. It was so much fun creating content and much of that content will be shared here and on youtube since I have video of it as well. I continued making weekly podcasts for around 120 days. In 120 days I had a total (according to the analytics) of 26 views. I was using podbean and having my podcasts sync to itunes and also to my blog. Now here’s where things get a little hairy. It stopped at one point syncing to itunes. It caught back up and was doing okay but then I noticed it had only synced three of the podcasts (out of over 20) to my website. YIKES! This was a key automation that I was counting on. Add in that I was paying for this service and you can imagine I was not too pleased. So after a month off I decided to start looking in to other providers. At some point I will begin one of those other options but I realized that when I started the podcast my focus was chronicling my shift from VA work to Web Design and somewhere along the way I just could not figure out how to talk about my web design work, how to market web design, and how to market myself. I recognize now that some of it was lack of confidence in my work, some was comparison syndrome, and a portion was also that I just wasn’t as into it as I thought. After a few clients, one of which was a complete nightmare and my inability to say no that’s not a builder I will work with I decided to hang up that hat.

A conversation I had with a coach on a call sparked a fire in my brain and provided kindling for my soul’s purpose. She asked me, “if I was really doing what I wanted to be doing what would it look like or what would it be?” I said probably web design and definitely coaching. She then said, “okay but what if you could only do one?” I had to sit on that for a minute and I had to confess that the answer was coaching. I told her this and then she asked me what it would take to make that my reality. We talked on this for a few minutes and I left there both clear headed and confused. Did I really have to shift again?! What in the world are people going to think!! I’m indecisive, I’m flighty, I’m crazy, and then I also realized that I was saying in my head, a little whisper that the more I focused on it became a dull roar, WHO THE HELL AM I TO GIVE PEOPLE ADVICE ABOUT THEIR LIFE AND WHO AM I TO CHARGE PEOPLE FOR MY ADVICE?! More on this in a bit…

My next goal was to then get one paying coaching client by the end of the year. I came up with a low entry point group coaching program that will translate into a full blown membership as soon as I have time to create the material. Some I have already, some guided meditations, planners, calendars, life guides, etc…some will come as my brain unleashes my full potential. But nevertheless I’ve created some products for my peeps and I’m excited to get going on all of this. I have also created a low entry coaching product for those looking for help with minimal support and another product for those looking for more meaningful support and accountability. But I still had to work out the how. I needed to make a plan. I needed to be more comfortable doing video and even more than just video, live video and even more than that I needed to do it on Facebook. MY FACEBOOK PROFILE PAGE. I was planning to use youtube live for these and I am actually utilizing that as well but I chose yesterday when youtube wouldn’t let me to do it on facebook on my business page. I still wasn’t ready for my profile page but I wanted to stretch myself and get out there and start talking. And I did. And today I decided to get on my profile page. Even though I could have done youtube. Even though I DID do youtube live later. Even though I could have done my business page….that being said the technical issues I had today were crazy. It took three times of getting on live to finish my message. But I never once gave up. I thought about it. I never once chose not to pitch. I have to tell you this a HUGE for me. I’ve always been afraid to ask for the sale. Now I’m not. Now, I believe in myself and what I’m capable of. I’m passionate about reach and helping women.

Now on to who am I. I am a girl who’s been through hell in her life (more than once) and came out bruised and battered but okay. I’m a survivor of sexual abuse and other traumas. I’m a woman who spent years hating myself and finally just got tired of it. I’m the girl that hated my name until I was 30 then decided to embrace it and just love on myself the way I’ve always sought others to love me. I’m the woman who wants to teach you how to do the same because you deserve to be loved and honored!

So through all of this I learned that you get what you pay for. Not all podcast services are created equal. I learned that sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing and realign and figure out what you really need to be doing. I learned that shifting is okay and sometimes it just isn’t what you would have expected it to be. I also learned that your soul’s purpose will always call you back home!

Time to be brave, what says you? I am launching a 90 day mastermind group for women who are ready to make a change but aren’t quite sure what that change looks like! I have 3 spots available at an introductory rate of 19.99/mo. This mastermind/membership will give you access to a growing library of resources including calendars, planners, guided meditations, worksheets to help you figure out your next big thing for your business or your life. If this sounds good, click here to sign up!