I’ve spent over a year playing around in fb, claiming to be working but in reality I was scrolling and replying to friends or the average everyday posts. I was sharing political content and avoiding facebook groups. But I was doing “market research” is what I kept telling myself. I’m seeing what my audience wants to see. But here’s the problem. The people I’ve friended have moved their business’ forward and I have not. They are no longer my ideal client if they ever were to begin with. If anything I am THEIR ideal client. The person sitting here wishing, waiting, and wanting. At one point in time we were on the same level. At one time I got on facebook and was solidly in groups and sharing, connecting, and doing the thing. I was gaining traction and having people take notice and you know what I got scared and stopped.

Here’s the deal. I was playing small, hiding, working on myself and also getting deeply lost in the comparison game. I was (and probably still am extremely jealous) of what people have created. But my reality is that I haven’t been focused, I have not been doing the work, and I haven’t been talking about myself or my work. No one has any idea what I do. They have a pretty good idea about how I feel about the President of the United States but nothing to do with my business. And that’s my bad…and when did this become abundantly clear to me? When I started my go live for 1 month and found myself just rambling most of the time…talk about frying pan to the face!

So it’s time to sit down and figure out what my message is….

It’s time to figure out what I’m going to talk about….

It’s time to figure out who I want to help and how I want to help them…

Let’s get focused on one or two things….

I can expand once I’m clear on those two things. I can shift and change and grow into multiple things once I have everything squared away and I’m successful in what I’m wanting to do according to my definition of success.

So what is the plan and the strategy and also why am I telling you all of this and putting this out there?

I am a firm believer in writing things down and speaking/writing our goals. If I publish this it is more likely to come true. If I tell you my strategy now then two things come from that.

One: I can update you and tell you what’s succeeding and what isn’t and how I’m adjusting.

Two: You all can hold me accountable to my word and I need a bit of that.



  • Put out one piece of content each week on the blog…
    • This content could be video, audio, written, etc.
  • Continue with my 1 month of live content (m-f)
  • After the month is over plan a scheduled live at least once a week
    • Choose either fb live or google or do both…ipad or phone and computer
    • Advertise when I’m going live
  • Social Media schedule
    • One post per day on Facebook Profile
    • One Post per day on Biz Page
    • One post per day on Instagram
  • Social Strategy
    • Following 60/40 rule (60% others content 40% mine)
    • Put everything into either Asana or Trello for posting
    • Nothing is scheduled to go out
    • Everything is live posted
    • I just create the content for the week (or two) ahead in batches
  • Facebook Groups
    • Spend 1 hour per day 3 times per week in groups answering questions and connecting with people
    • Share 3 piece of content per week
    • Following 60/40 rule (60% others content 40% mine)
  • Recycling content
    • Every month I pull old content and repurpose it
  • Pinterest
    • Get Tailwind
    • Curate 10 relevant pins per day
    • Pin Every Blog Post Every week
    • Create rich pins