2019 Planner

Last year’s planner was very basic and was a first for me. This year I chose to change things up a little bit.

First off there is more than one. I’ve picked two of my favorite quotes and put them on the covers. I’m even offering a custom cover for those who wish to use their own image or quote on the front.

This years planner also includes a full years worth of planning opportunity. I love this idea of having one planner for the entire year even if you only plan out 90 day chunks, which is both my preference and recommendation.

Here are a few things I love about this planner

Goal for the month – I love being able to write my overall goal for the month and as I’m marking off days and keeping track of my workouts and daily activities I am taking stock of that daily goal and keeping it top of mind.

The quotes on the front – The kiddo and I are currently reading The Chronicles of Narnia and I am absolutely loving it. I had never read it, only watched the movies, and I am a wee obsessed. C.S. Lewis has a way with words for sure. And the other quote is one that has always been impactful and a reminder to take each day as it comes and make the most of it.

A few recommendations of other products that pair well with this planner…

Combining this planner with the Goal Crusher 2.0 allows you to not only plan out your days and weeks in advance but also make sure that everything you are doing each and every day is actively moving you in the direction of accomplishing your goals.

Blending this planner with my “Sowing Your Seeds Home and Life Planner” is an absolutely fabulous way to get your life together. This planner begins by having you break out all the things that are stuck in your brain, then helps you organize them by things you need to do and finally break it out into the different days they need to be done. This is a fantastic product that will allow you to fill up your planner with everything in a tidy manner to make sure you are on track to accomplishing all the many things you need to do as a momma!