Keep it Simple!

Well hello there,

I hope the series has been amazing and useful for you! I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the content so I can improve and get better.

On to today’s content!

As a person with high functioning anxiety I get overwhelmed super easy and I end up on the couch under a blanket taking a nap and binging on netflix with my ice cream in hand. A huge task list does this to me! So as you saw on the day 3 I set up my calendar to 4 things a day.

I CAN do a lot more than 4 things a day but my task list is limited to 4 things so I can stay focused and get my work done.

It also acts as a journal for me so I can track what I did, any thoughts that come to mind, ideas, and what I’m posting on my social media and where. That way at any point in time I can look back and see what I’ve done.

This can also be done in a physical book as well and there is a video below to explain that for you too.

I hope this helps you and makes each day more productive and therefore happy!

Amber xx

4 a day


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Hey there! I hope you are enjoying the series!

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