Whip it! Whip it Good! Whip That Calendar Into Shape!

Can you tell I like music? LOL

Your calendar is either going to be your best friend or the bane of your existence. The goal of the day is to bring you out of the sewers and make that calendar your friend and ally. (get it, bane of your existence…haha if you didn’t go watch some of the newer Dark Knight Batman series….if for no other reason than to drool over Christian Bale’s butt ;) )

There’s a million ways to make a planner. So many planners out there that are wonderful! Here are a few of my favorites. If you see a * next to the name it means I am an affiliate and that means that if you make a purchase I will get a small reward for your purchase. It doesn’t cost you anymore just helps to keep programs like this going and put food on my families table. :)

Day Designer (Black Stripe is my absolute fav)*

The Brilliant Weekly Scheduler

The Daily Action Planner (90 day) Also comes in a 30 day option

Yours Truly also created a calendar and planner for this year. I call it back to basics as it will help you see everything you need to do and gain clarity on your daily schedule and tasks. Here is the link to my calendar Back to Basics.

You can also do this electronically! Here are a few programs that are great for creating a planner in.


Trello (stay tuned to the next post in the series where this is covered)


Alright below is the daily blocker sheet I’ll mention in the video to help you plan it all out initially. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Amber xx

Let’s Plan a Day – to edit this document choose make a copy and it will allow you to copy it to your google drive and from there edit it :)

The Rest of the Series

Hey there! I hope you are enjoying the series!

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