Oh, Brain Dumps! How I love thee, let me count the ways!

Brain dumps are the most magical things in the world! They allow you to open up valuable creative and strategic real estate in your brain!

Today we are going to be doing just that. The trick is to write until your brain has nothing left in it…regardless of what comes out! Once you do that you will begin breaking it out into specific categories. Some examples could be, Books to Read, To Do’s, Appointments, Calls to make, Things to Buy, Cleaning, Business Tasks, as well as all of the projects you listed yesterday!

I find that sometimes I begin the brain dump, go as much as I think I can put the paper away and then bust it out a few hours later and even more comes out! Seems totally crazy pants but it does happen and it works magnificently!

Have a great day and enjoy the dumping process! <3

Amber xx

The Rest of the Series

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