I think we have a dangerous thing happening within the online sphere around mindset…well several dangerous things if I am to be honest. This concept that the universe is always working in your favor and everything happens for a reason and its always for your best purpose, etc. etc. We have to STAHHHHP telling people to be positive all the time. I’ve met some wonderful people in my life and been around some of the most positive and cheerful folks in the world but you know what…they weren’t ALWAYS like that. They had down moments…they felt their emotions and had ways to move through them…they understood themselves enough to know what their life rafts were (keep reading)…

Stop making it seem like if they aren’t on the enlightened spiritual level of being positive all the time that folks are failures. This dangerous, I repeat, **THIS IS DANGEROUS!**

Please stop telling people that everything is working for them all the time. Because when people around them are dying (literally) or they are facing bankruptcy or any other number of tragic life shit happens that’s not what they need to hear and frankly it can be dangerous. If someone is in a bad mental state and someone they know has just died and you say it’s for their greater good it could genuinely drive them to believe that maybe them dying would be better for everyone around them.

We have to stop pretending that life is good all the time. Seriously, sometimes it just fucking sucks! And that’s perfectly okay. Sometimes our burdens in life will weigh us all down. It’s okay to get lost in those moments for a bit. It’s okay to sit down and say “damn this is hard.” It’s OKAY to grieve and be sad or even be mad when it feels like everything is falling apart!

What is important is not so much getting out of those emotions…not moving through it as quickly as possible but stopping for a few minutes, feeling what we are feeling, and searching for the light. Not the positivity but the light at the end of this tunnel of despair, it’s there, I promise. Light can be anything from the smile on our childs face, a look from our lover, a friend who is there to listen when we need it. Hell it could be a salad after a week or two of eating nothing but cookies and junk food. It could be popping your favorite movie into the DVD player you haven’t used since Netflix took off and just getting lost for a short time. The light is simply a life raft that can pull us back into the land of the living when all else feels lost.

Hear me, repeat what I’m about to say to yourself over and over until it sinks in….NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR YOUR GREATER GOOD…



But that can take time. Find your daily life raft and continue to feel, move through your emotions as they come, it’s going to be okay.