One thing I have tried over the years is to create a business that was separate from my lifestyle. The issue with this is that our lives are a whole made up of individual parts that are all interconnected. So to try to treat my business as something separate from the rest of my life has caused a great deal of stress and a massive amount of failure. Each failure leading me closer to the concept of each of these things being a part of a whole.

Over the last few weeks I’ve begun to contemplate how to integrate the two (read: more like fifty, ha!). For my blog, for my family, and for myself. Since I work from home I can’t escape the dirty dishes on the counter until I get home. I can’t disregard the horrific smell of my cats litter box until my work is done. I cannot ignore the legos all over the damn living room because my office is the living room and the dining room area.

So to put this in different terms because this is another thing I’ve been struggling with is…it’s as if I were trying to keep my spirituality separate from the rest of my life and vice versa. But this may be a topic for another day…an adventure worth exploring.

So then the question became well how do I maintain professionalism and also tell you about the nonsense that’s going on or the things I’m currently loving in life and business? How do I integrate my journey through autoimmune disease and running a business? How do I reconcile all of that?! We are going to cover everything from laundry and how I get everything done in order to tame my hot mess express of a lifestyle and handle being the mom of a 5 year old kiddo who has some minor but noticeable special needs. We are going to talk about food and health because I deeply believe that what you eat affects who you are and what you can get done in a day. Plus it may force me to do this meal planning thing I’ve been wanting to get done for some time. We’ll discuss productivity tools, products that make life easier, and ways to keep yourself on track and accountable.

The answer I have come to is three main categories for my website. Things that deal with design and web design in particular. Things that deal with productivity and getting organized and things that pertain to lifestyle like self care, meal planning, parenting, and running a household all while running a business. As you can see I will do my best to bring it all back around to business but I need to marry the things I love and bring it all together because let’s face it sometimes I just want to tell you about my adventures with trying to find a coffee that doesn’t hurt my body…and other times I want to tell you how fabulous trello is! Because it is y’all!