I wanted to talk with you about connecting with your kids. Helping them through life’s challenges. As he is only 5 my scenarios will most likely be geared toward toddler age but I know you could grab a tidbit of these ideas and create a plan based on the life stage that your littles are in. And if you don’t have little ones these principles could be applied to any type of relationship. So without further a do here’s 5 things that I am trying to remember to do every day and week during this super stressful and challenging time.

  1. Get down on their level. I try really hard to spend a fair amount of time on the floor. Whether we are crawling around the house and I’m chasing him to tickle him or just crawling around next to him as we play zoo animals, legos, blocks, or board games. It is amazing how you can disarm a tense situation just by getting into their world. What has surprised me about this act is how it disarms ME as well. My stress instantly melts as we laugh and play.
  2. Do yoga. This may sound crazy but I got the sudden urge to do some yoga and of course he had to join in and do what momma was doing. It was the cutest thing i’d ever seen and I got some good giggles out of it and he got to learn something new. I always thought doing it with him wouldn’t allow me to connect with myself like I had when I was alone and single and I was right, but I did discover a different connection and as I taught him some of the moves I felt a deeper connection to him as well.
  3. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Oh my word I cannot tell you how much better our days are when we get out and do something outside of the house. Even if it’s a short trip to the store which is within walking distance of the house. It changes both of our moods and demeanors.
  4. Go on a walk or to the park. Fresh air is the best thing ever. Seriously. I find that when we are outside we are able to talk about all kinds of things that just never come up. I always make it a chance to learn something new. And then there are the quiet moments where I’m just holding his hand and walking along and all the troubles in my world just kind of melt away for a while.
  5. PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! All work and no play makes Amber a big old meany-head. It took me a little while to find some balance. I think after a few weeks we are finally getting there. I can work for a little and then I have to break and play a little. Work then play, work then play. And I try to make those times of play intense and focused. Being a realtor that doesn’t always happen but I’m working on putting things away and giving him all my attention during our play times.

I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend and coming week. Life is so precious and so very short. Please get outside and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer you. With love and light.

Amber xx