If you are a blogger you are undoubtedly like countless others who are looking to monetize your blog. There are a zillion people looking for places to advertise. So why not marry the two things together.

Sell space on your sidebar in order to not only gain money for yourself but also help those you admire move themselves forward. 

Now this can be done a number of ways and here are a few. The first few are a bit more obvious and something that many people are already doing. The rest, not so much!

  • Affiliate Marketing
    • This is where someone has a program set up and every time someone clicks from your link and buys an item you make money.
    • Note: Please make sure you make it incredibly obvious that if someone clicks on your link that you will receive monetary gain…it’s the law!
  • Google Adwords
    • This is a program in which google targets your readers and visitors and displays ads from those who pay for ad space. It’s a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side but definitely don’t expect to get rich. 🙂
  • Adding your own programs and “red hot, right now” specials to your sidebar can be a way to increase sales and traffic to your site and your program pages.
  • Selling Ad Space yourself to those you admire and believe in. Here’s why this is cool:
    • You have the ability and control which is something you’ll never have with google ads
    • You also get to control how much the ad space goes for and where it’s placed.
    • If you have posts that you know would be a great fit for a particular thing you could specify that ad for that page (this is where a designer on retainer could come in handy especially if you have custom themes that allow this type of thing)

Now I’m not saying you should sell ad space on your blog for $10,000 or something like that BUT I am saying you could work out some pretty sweet deals and add some trackers so that your advertisers can know where their business is coming from. If the ad does well you can bump the price for every quarter they continue to run the ad.

What cool ways have you devised to advertise on your blog?

Light and love y’all,

Amber xx