The other day I told you about removing every offering to work with me off my website. Today I want to talk about why I’m separating my services and what I think that will do for myself and my business.

You see this is about the long term and in the long term I want to be able to offer different services and completely outsource the Virtual Assistant work. I feel like this would be much easier to do if the VA business was a separate entity.

From my experience people are hesitant to use a virtual assistant who also offers coaching or digital products. So while I plan to move away from the VA work or have a very few specific clients that only I work with while hiring other workers to do my own VA work as well as our clients I feel like we definitely needed to separate them.

This will allow me to really dive in and offer the kind of service that I want to offer as well as the kind of service that our clients deserve and expect from us!

With that in mind I present you with Beyond Social.

Beyond Social, marketing that goes way beyond social media

We offer virtual assistant and marketing that goes way beyond social media. We pride ourselves in making sure that our clients are well taken care of and work to create beautiful digital products as well as courses. Working to build and market these courses is our top priority.

I am currently working on learning HTML coding and CSS. With this knowledge I plan to practice on making my own sites beautiful and once that is complete and I feel good about my knowledge and skills I will be offering this service to our clients. Look forward to more information on this coming soon!

You can find information about the services and offerings from Beyond Social on