I sat listening to a motivational chant and she was saying that money was coming in and receiving was happening and all these other wonderful things.

And I noticed she’d say something and in my head I’d hear no it’s not.

And my reply was but what if it is, what if it could?

Could it really be that easy?

I’m not so naive to think I can sit on my couch and have the world handed to me…god would that be cool for about 3 months. Then of course I’d get bored and want to do something…

But seriously tho, what if it were as easy as believing in the possibility that the money could come. What if I changed the belief, what might be possible.

I believe when we stop putting ourselves in the box we are “supposed” to be in. When we stop believing what we “should” about what’s possible that the game can radically change. It can shift the way we act. And since actions are fueled by thoughts if we change the thought around money then consequently our actions would change right along with it. The theory is sound and if you look around you there are plenty of people proving my theory. Look at Elon Musk (a personal hero of mine)…he’s revolutionizing the way we use batteries, he’s trying to get average folks like you and me into space and he created PayPal for gods sake. Without that little tool my business would be much more challenging.

But he didn’t do all of that by thinking small and setting “smart” goals. He did it by thinking he could. By challenging the status quo and then doing so again by creating an open source platform for some of his tech. WHO DOES THAT?! In an era of sue happy, cease and desist, you stole my shit way of doing business he decided that it wasn’t the way. As he put it…we’re all on the sinking ship…maybe someone out there will make it better than I can faster than I can….