When I first started this journey and really dived in to the online world people kept saying tell stories…tell your story…your story is your power. So that sounds real great and beautiful and all that jazz but no one ever broke down and told you how the hell to do it…What do I say? How vulnerable should I get? What constitutes oversharing? I had so many questions running through my brain that I just ended up getting overwhelmed, slamming down the computer screen, and binge watching youtube videos of people making rustic furniture…can you relate?

Don’t worry I wasn’t planning to say all the cliche crap above. Instead I’m going to give you a tip and also some baseline questions to help you start writing and getting your story out there. Being able to find common ground is the best way to start forming relationships with people. It gives you something to connect and start talking with folks about.

Questions to help you tell your story

  • Write about one experience from your childhood that prepped you for what you are doing now
  • Write to me as if you were sitting across from me in Starbucks – tell me something you learned from a previous job that has helped you in your entrepreneurial adventure?
  • Write down a series of questions you would ask someone else in an interview and then answer them
    • Think of someone who you would totally fangirl about and those are the questions you want to ask…once you have these down go back and answer all of them.
  • If you’ve been diving in to this quest of entrepreneurial magic you probably have some things you have learned….tell me about the hardest lesson you had to learn and why it was so incredibly important for you to learn. 
  • Also if someone was about to come up to this obstacle what would you tell them to help them either avoid it or make it less painful…what tips do you have? (high vibe visibility)
  • What has been your greatest accomplishment to date in your business and then expand on how you got to that point and what it took…


Questions to spark your creativity and help you tell your story