Here’s what I believe:

  • I believe that we all deserve love.
  • I believe that you have the power within you to do anything you set your mind to.
  • I believe that you are worthy of life.
  • I believe that you can accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams.
  • I also believe that if your dream job doesn’t exist then it’s time you create it.
  • I believe I can help you do all of this.

Here’s how:

You have to dig in and find your passion. Everything you need lies within you. It lies beneath the shame and bullshit you’ve allowed to hold you down. That may sound harsh but follow me down this rabbit hole for just a second. The world has told you who you have to be, what you have to be, how you have to be it. Your parents molded and shaped you into something. Teachers, employers, movies, books, it all had some effect. Good or bad, that’s what happened.

My job is to unravel the yarn a bit and help you discover what’s true and what’s garbage about that story. I do this by asking tough questions and changing the way you think about living life. This is what I do.

I help you change your process. Within each of us there is a voice that talks to us. Some call it the devil, some call it a drunk monkey, I refer to it as the asshole. It’s the voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough, wise enough, worthy enough to do the things that terrify you. The things you know would satisfy your soul if only you had the courage to give it a shot. It is the voice that dampens your courage and tells you to play it safe. Now you see why, to me, asshole really is the perfect name for this voice.

It’s time to tell that asshole to go to hell. It’s time to move mountains. It’s time to change the story you tell yourself and release the energy that’s holding you down.

If this resonates with you I urge you to reach out. Let’s connect.

Allow me to help you. Allow me to show you a better way.

With light and love,