Hootsuite vs Buffer. Why I prefer hootsuite and a mini tutorial

My experience with Buffer and Hootsuite…

I am not getting paid for this post but I’ve used both Buffer and Hootsuite and I genuinely prefer Hootsuite and I wanted to share with you why.

  • It’s easier to set up and schedule posts on multiple platforms.
  • There’s no queue so you can just schedule them when and how you want.
  • The user interface is just easier to comprehend
  • Buffer does offer exceptionally basic analytics but I really prefer each platforms more comprehensive analytics or Hootsuite’s awesome reports.
  • Hootsuite has many plan options and the free option is pretty expansive for a free plan.
  • Making changes to posts is simple and can be done on your desktop or via the mobile app.
  • Adding in clients social accounts is crazy easy

Here’s a quick peak around hootsuite I put together for you! Enjoy.