The end of the year is coming along and I was diving in to my 4th quarter goal sheets and seeing where I’m at. I like to touch base with myself at regular intervals to see how things are coming along and if I need to shift things around. I’ve had goal sheets I’ve used for about a year now and here’s the link to those sheets. But I’ve recently realized they were a good starting point but I need to change things up a bit. So today I wanted to share what I’ve learned and the new goal sheets!

What I’m learning about my goal sheets

  • I need to write them by hand.
    • There is energy in writing with your physical hands that typing cannot do.
  • After I’ve written them THEN I need to type them up so that as things change I can easily change them along the way
    • Stuff changes ALL THE TIME
  • My previous work sheet is redundant and needs revision!
  • Give yourself a timeline and work that timeline.
  • I need to have goals on a white board on my wall so I see them again and again and so I can change them as necessary.
  • You absolutely have to have an accountability partner or group. Don’t do it alone!

Click here for the new goal sheet. And here’s how I use it!

I print the 2 pages out and then I go back and print out as many of page 2 as I need. I could make it so all  7 of those sheets are in here but I find it easier to just print out what I need. So once you have the proper number of sheets printed then it’s time to grab some tea, get comfy, and start planning!

A few things to remember:

  • Don’t forget the little things
  • Do a bit of a brain dump for each goal
  • Make sure your timeline is a reasonable one and also don’t forget to come back and check things off weekly as you do them! The momentum you get from checking things off the list is exhilarating.