When you just begin or are shifting in your blog or business you've got to take some steps to get a little bit clear. Today I want to share 3 steps that have worked wonders for me!

I remember starting out and how absolutely overwhelming it is. I remember shifting after being around for a while and how absolutely insane THAT was and how looney I felt during the whole process. And the resounding questions I hear so, so often is I don’t even know where to begin?!?! So I wanted to take a second and break down how to gain clarity without all the overwhelm.

If you’ve been around for a while and read a lot of blogs what I’m about to say might shake you to your core but stick with me for a second.

1. Make a list of topics that you are interested in. And write a few articles. Don’t publish yet just write and save. Note how you felt writing about each topic. What lit you up? What did you struggle with a little more?

2. Don’t niche. Just start talking and writing. You will find after a few weeks or a few months a few topics will stand out more than the rest and then you can focus on those things. After you’ve done a little work a few things will jump out and bite you. People get so stressed out before they even begin and it just isn’t that serious. You aren’t stuck with any topic or genre. For me my genre is mommy lifestyle centered around Work At Home Mom’s and Mompreneurs who maybe have some childcare help and the struggles they go through. Beyond that I help women get unstuck in their lives and get centered in loving, accepting, and trusting themselves which is absolutely essential for running a business.

If you are shifting, follow the same rules and processes.

3. Once you’ve made your list I want you to sit with it. Get quiet, feel your body, notice your breath and the tingling sensations in your body. That’s your energy. Pull all that energy to your belly. Check out this video for more detailed instructions. Once you are centered you want to go down the list and read each topic aloud. How does it feel when you say the topic name? Where do you feel it? Does your energy increase or decrease? This is how you can begin to niche down. Whatever increases your energy and you feel in your gut and around your hips. Those are the topics you will have a good amount of luck with because you feel them in your creative center.