In my daily mindset work I’ve been including a lot of “I am” statements. As I work through my limiting beliefs the list gets longer and more intense. Worthy has been a huge trigger word for me. It was a word that brought up so many negative emotions. It was a lack of belief, it was a lack of understanding, it was a lack of faith in the universe and myself. Working through those limiting beliefs around worthiness was intense and incredible.

So it began with a simple “I am worthy.” Once I could wrap my head around that statement I got a little more specific. I still do the blanket statement but I also now say, “I am worthy of life” and I recently added in “I am worthy of my own love.” Now this last one has rocked me to my core. It brings up SO many emotions. So today I got that similar wiggle in my tummy and I had to sit and ask why. What is it about that statement that’s causing so many issues?

How had it never occurred to me that I am worthy of my own love? I’ve spent so much time and energy trying to feel worthy of others love how in the hell had I never focused that type of energy inward. The other night I heard Bonnie Raitt’s “I can’t make you love me.” This song used to have deep implications for me from a prior relationship. I thought thats what was coming up and when I began to cry I asked where this was coming from? Was it him? No, it wasn’t that. So what was it? (you are getting a rare glimpse into inner dialogue here) I just kept getting the resounding answer of “it’s you.” I recall thinking “what does that even mean!?” And the answer I got was numbing…”You can’t make yourself love you. You do or you don’t. Allow it. Move in to it. Breath in to it.” And that was worse. How had I let this happen? How could I have gone so very long without coming to the conclusion of being worthy of my own love?

People had said so often to me you need to love yourself. But no one ever tells you how. They never tell you how unconditional love for yourself can be so much more intense and so much more involved then love for another. I see my flaws more than I see others flaws. I cut others slack that I never allow for myself. But at some point in order to truly love yourself beyond anything else you have to recognize that you too are human. You too have the capacity for both immensely wonderful things and absolutely destructive things. You are going to fuck it up and that’s really okay also. The point is to stop, evaluate, learn the lesson that’s provided, move forward, and strive to be better!

So let’s break down the actual process of how to work through these feelings when they arise.

Here are the steps:

  1. Ask yourself “where is this coming from?”
  2. Accept the place you are. “I am here for now but my intention is to clear out this negativity and move forward.” You may need to say this out loud to declare it to the universe.
  3. Try some tapping or just deep breathing into the statement. Imagine shining a light on the place where those emotions live.

Brief Guide to Deep Meditation and Healing of Specific Negative Beliefs:

  1. To do this you are going to say the limiting belief out loud (ex. – “I am unworthy of my own love”)
  2. Narrow down where you feel that statement in your body.
  3. Shine a light into that area and breath deeply into this space, using the “wind” (breath) to move those feelings out.
  4. Replace that energy with happy (yellow), healthy and healing (blue) light. Note: You may feel different colors than I have mentioned here. Trust your intuition and simply go with what resonates/comes in that moment.)
  5. Embrace the new place you are in and change your “I am” statement when you are ready. It honestly may take you a little while to fully integrate that new way of thinking but it’s okay, keep going.

Repeat any steps necessary until you are completely there. The point is to know you are getting better and doing the work!

If you try this method and it works I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

With light and so much love,


Limiting beliefs, trigger words, and getting to the other side with grace and strength