Let’s talk gratitude work. I’ve been told for several years that this was an important piece of the puzzle. And people have told me how to do it in a physical sense but never explained that there was more to it on a spiritual level. So today I wanted to share with you a more in depth tutorial on how to do your gratitude work.

  1. You want to be super relaxed. I try to do this work just after I wake up but before I have any coffee in my system or anything like that. If that’s not possible you will just want to do more of the deep yogic breathing prior to beginning. 
  2. Deep yogic breathing and relaxation. Feel your body. I want you to imagine with each breath you are filling up a different area of your body and removing any negative energy on the exhale. I usually start at my feet and slowly come up until I get through my head. You should feel relaxed, clean, and refreshed after this step.
  3. Next I want to focus on your heart chakra. Focus your energy on this area. Begin stating the things you are grateful for. I try to do at least three. I imagine there is a bowl in my heart chakra area and as I state the things I’m grateful for I visualize the heart shaped bowl filling up with bright red energy. You should feel this within your body. Like you are being filled up by the gratitude you are feeling for the things in your life.

When you are done you want to give yourself a few deep yogic breaths to integrate the new energy into your body and then give yourself a good solid stretch before opening your eyes and resuming your day.

This morning I followed this ritual with the sun salutation yoga routine and that worked beautifully.

Make it a great day!

With Love and Light,