I recently unplugged. I mean really unplugged. I’ve stopped consuming content….ehh I should say I’m more selective. Getting sick has an exceptional way of making us slow down and get in touch with ourselves.

I was scared. I was scared to ask for business. I was scared to really write about myself and my story. The idea of putting my soul into my work was terrifying. But the thought of not doing that was even worse.
And so I’ve been writing. I’ve been getting deep and clear and realizing that I have two target markets. I’ve tried so damn hard to narrow it down but i’ve realized over the last few weeks that the people I’m wanting to help are the same people….ten years and a lot of life between them.
I would love to work with kids (jr’s, seniors, college kids) to keep them from doing what “they ought to do” and getting into debt up to their eyeballs and to truly help them find themselves and their paths.
My second market is a woman who did everything she was “supposed” to do but it hasn’t gotten her anywhere but lost and confused. She went to college for something or somethings, got a job maybe in her field but probably not, got married, had kids, and now finds herself completely fucking lost. It doesn’t feel like she thought it would and the girl she thought she’d be when she was daydreaming in her freshman year english class is a distant memory. She doesn’t even know where to begin to find that girl again and all she wants is to feel peace and to be able to look into her children’s eyes and know she’s doing right by them. To look into her own eyes at the end of a long hard day and know that today felt like she thought it would, like it should.
The point is sometimes you think your target market has to be this one specific thing and in reality it may not. It may not come in a pretty box wrapped in a bow. Sometimes, like life, it’s a hot damn mess with frizzy hair and ketchup on its shirt from lunch…IT’S OKAY. Run with it. You aren’t bound and it can change with time.
Does this resonate with you? Do you feel this yearning to do something different but you really aren’t sure what that even looks like right now? Let me know in the comments. <3
Big ol’ Hugs,