When you believe that everything that is happening is the universe conspiring for your greater good and I mean really believe that to the core of your being the universe senses this. When you think that the God, Goddess, universal being, ie whomever you pray to at night has your back and you two are in a ride or die kind of committed relationship that’s the arena where shit gets real. That’s when life gets good and you KNOW in your heart that whatever is meant for you will not pass you by. And I’m not saying that getting to this place is easy, but It is essential. Here’s what’s needed for that to happen. It’s one big, fat, scary word. You ready?


You have to trust yourself and you have to trust the universe. That it has your back and that nothing will EVER come between you and the relationship you have with the universe. You have to kick fears ass and sprint toward your dreams. I’m not saying you don’t fear, no no, even Oprah feels fear. What I am saying is that you feel your fear, you immerse yourself in it and understand that it’s just a feeling and the feeling will pass. I was terrified the first time I made a video or got on periscope. I’m still alive to write this here and the world didn’t end. Growth tends to push us into the uncomfortable places we don’t want to venture into. As Brene Brown says, vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity. Writing this right now and getting super pumped when I should be winding down for bed I wondered for a second what if no one likes it. What if no one hears this. What if it doesnt resonate. And the little voice within said a few things. What if that happens? Who gives a fuck? And do it anyway!

Drive on, feel your fears. I want you to envision fear as a string of beads…you know the kind folks put on their doors in the 70’s and 80’s (and briefly into the 90’s…don’t judge me you did it too!) While it feels like it’s an obstruction all it really is is something that will slap you in the face and you will come out on the other side. You might lose a strand or two of hair in the process but the point is you’re going to be okay and I assure you once you walk through the beaded door of fear it will be much easier to walk through it next time and the time after that. I still get nervous on periscope and it’s worse if people are on. I sweat through my shirt the other day and it wasn’t even hot out. But I did it, it was amazing, and there was an extreme high after the fact.

Point is you have everything you need to rock your life and your biz. Get out there and make it happen captain!