My goal is to find the perfect solution for you and your needs. This is why I offer individual guided sessions and some that are quite frankly and simply accountability calls.

Let’s face it…some of you don’t need a coach or a guide you simply need someone to hold you accountable and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Coaching/Strategizing will be a blend of guidance, accountability, motivation, and strategy.

Accountability calls are just that. You will add your intentions for the week or the month into an online tracker system that I set up for you and then I will make sure you are on point and on task for your goals for the week/month depending on how frequently you choose to have calls.

If you are in a group session the above process is the same you simply will have others to help you stay accountable and to offer up suggestions when asked for help as well as having the opportunity to ask for help with things you are struggling with yourself.

Get the best of both worlds and save time and money. A combination of Coaching and Virtual Assistant services now available!

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